The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

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TD Comments – LCJGT ‘Major’ @ Tanglewood

LCJGT players experienced another hot day this summer, and some of our players stepped right up to match the hot temperatures, with some hot rounds of golf.

In the Senior Boys division, Chris North, our 2014 overall division winner, was not playing up to his capabilities so far this season, turned that around with a level par 72, including a -4 back nine. That’s hot! Brady Erb continued to show his improved game by finishing in 2nd with a 73, and Walker Kirk had his best round of the summer shooting 74.

In the Elite Girl’s division, Addy Deery captured her 2nd 2015 title by shooting a solid 82.   While in the Junior Boys division, Thomas Bird, a new 2015 LCJGT player, took it low, by firing 1-under on both sides and ending with 70. BTW – I did a little research in the LCJGT archives, and Thomas’s 2-under has been topped only once in his division – by Austin Wolf, who posted a 3-under, 69 back in ’05.

Great competitive golf!

Items of Note:

Known or Virtually Certain - I saw a player’s ball splash in the direct water (yellow) hazard on hole #12, but bounce out on the other side, off the water’s surface. An observer might have thought, that seeing the ball splash, would indicate the ball stayed in the water…not necessarily!  This brings to mind the question that we are often times faced with on the golf course: “Did my ball go in the water hazard?”. This is difficult to determine…sometimes. The Rules say it must be “known or virtually certain” that the ball is in the water hazard. At USGA ‘Rules School’, the instructors tell us that means you are 99% sure the player knows where the ball is located. But how do you determine that? You know by asking yourself this question: Could the ball be somewhere else? If the answer is yes, then what you are faced with is a potential Lost Ball situation, and by the Rules, you’ve got to find the ball within 5 minutes, or the ball is lost. Please see Decision 26-1/1 for more information.

Scoring Issues – We continue to have reports from the golf course that potentially indicate that some players don’t keep their own score correctly, and haven’t got a clue what their fellow competitors score is, too.   This is completely unacceptable because players can’t verify each others scores at the end of the round. We have to improve in this area!

Cell phone usage – During a given round, player’s cell phones should remain off. They may be turned on and used to call for two purposes only: to call one of the numbers, at the bottom of the tournament Notice to Competitors, for a ruling, or because there is a medical emergency. That’s all! Please keep them turned OFF.

Players going on to the course as spectators – In my long experience with junior and HS golfers this has, in many situations, created on the course problems, so the LCJGT does not permit it. Please feel free to observe play around the 18th green.

Hold on to your club! – Keep your golf club in your hands. We’ve had a few reports of clubs being ‘tossed’ after undesirable shots. Please review the LCJGT Code of Conduct. This type of behavior, at best, puts a player in a ‘gray area’, and at worst, punishable with a 2-stroke penalty or disqualification. So let’s avoid this situation.

In the ‘Spirit of the Game’ – One of our 9-hole players accidentally moved his ball yesterday, when he was not permitted to do so, under the Rules. No one else saw this occurrence. But he knew he did it, and correctly called a penalty on himself, replaced the ball, and absorbed a 1-stroke penalty. This action displays the highest regard for the game and illustrates how golf is different than almost every other sport. Well done!

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