Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Posted 7/2/2020 11:28:23 AM
The Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights
Round 1 Pairings (7/6/2020)

The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

BJGT Championship Qualifier

Tournament Procedures - COVID considerations - click the link, read and follow these at our events.  

Tournament Open Spots

Manor - 1 open spot

Four Seasons - full - 10 on wait list

Dauphin Highlands - full - 5 on wait list

Tanglewood - full - 11 on wait list

Wait List Explanation and Management:

When the number of players registered for a tournament, or for a division in a tournament, hits the limit set in the website, the next player that registers will be put on the Wait List. You see this on your receipt as “Waitlisted”. The website records the date and time that a player was put on the wait list.

Players on the wait list are not in the field to play in the tournament. To see if you are in the field for an event, go to our schedule page. Select an event to show the tournament page. Scroll down on the page to see the participants who are in the field. If you are on the wait list, you will not appear in the participant list.

When another player withdraws from a full tournament, we fill the empty spot from the wait list, by putting the person with the earliest registration date and time into the field.

Once registration for an event closes, we will try to see if we can fit any additional players into the field from the wait list. Sometimes, we may have the ability to fill out foursomes in certain divisions from the wait list. In this case we might not go in the exact sequence that players are on the wait list. For example, we may have a Girls Futures player down on the wait list, but have an opening in the Girls Futures foursome to fit her in.

When we do tee times, we will e-mail any players who did not get into the field to let them know that they did not make it into the field. If any other players withdraw before the day of the event, we will replace them in the field from the wait list and e-mail them to let them know that they are in. Once the tournament is held, we will refund the tournament fee for any player that was still on the wait list.

Thank you Sponsors for Remaining Loyal:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty

Craig Hartranft Team

Donegal Insurance Group

FA Insurance


Golf, Etc.

Lancaster Toyota

Meadia Heights Golf Club

Mount Joy Wire

Patton Photography

River Rock Academy


S & T Bank

Triangle Refrigeration

Trout CPA

Weaver Associates, Inc.

Yurchak Printing

2020 Season Tournament Play will Begin
13 days ago
Tournament play will begin on Monday, July 6 with the Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights. Please check your calendar to be sure you have the event on the correct day. The tournament was originally on...
Schedule Update
14 days ago
The LCJGT Board met tonight to make decisions about the 2020 season and events. The board reaffirmed our commitment to adhering the rules, guidelines and restrictions to the best of our ability. The primary...
We are Preparing to Play
23 days ago
As Lancaster County gets closer to Green status, we are planning for the beginning of our season. We intend to follow PGA guidelines for junior golf tournaments as our guide for tournament procedures once...
Tournament Director note on cancellation
1 mo ago
Dear LCJGT Parents and Players, I want to follow-up with our LCJGT Boards decision to cancel tournament play during the COVID-19 Yellow Phase. Everyone would like nothing more than to run tournaments...
Upcoming Events
The Furyk Family Major at Meadia Heights
July 6
Meadia Heights Golf Club
Lancaster, PA
Sponsored by the Furyk Family and Meadia Heights Golf Club. Major Event awards 1.5 times normal points.
FA Insurance & Donegal Insurance Group Junior at Manor
July 9
Manor Golf Course
Sinking Spring, PA
Trout CPA Shootout at Foxchase
July 15
Fox Chase Golf Club
Stevens, PA
G. Crudden Memorial sponsored by River Rock Academy
July 16
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
Tournament rescheduled
Latest Results
Tour Championship sponsored by Lusk & Associates
July 26
Boys Gold
Engle. G (+5)
McGlaughlin. D (+5)
Fioravante. M (+6)
Boys Silver
Bomberger. B (+15)
Billoni. D (+17)
Wiggins. B (+18)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+18)
Barrett. H (+21)
Gerrish. A (+23)
Lancaster Toyota Junior at Dauphin Highlands
July 22
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-6)
Wilson. M (+1)
Glick. J (+2)
Boys Silver
Billoni. D (+4)
Shue. J (+7)
Mitchell. T (+8)
Boys Bronze
Ramsey. D (+9)
Elias. S (+12)
McGinty. J (+14)
Girls Gold
Richter. P (+5)
Maletto. K (+12)
Barrett. H (+14)
Girls Silver
Overly. E (+18)
Stover. P (+20)
Stalebrink. S (+25)
Boys Futures
Custer. J (+8)
McGinty. M (+8)
Rader. E (+10)
Girls Futures
Troxell. C (+8)
SMITH. P (+14)
Kelley. E (+15)
Trout, Ebersole & Groff, LLP Shootout
July 17
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-5)
Pilliod. H (+3)
Calhoun. G (+3)
Boys Silver
Mitchell. T (+2)
Hansen. I (+3)
Wiggins. B (+4)
Boys Bronze
Ramsey. D (+4)
Stramara. N (+14)
McGinty. J (+18)
Girls Gold
Richter. P (+4)
Gerrish. A (+7)
Maletto. K (+10)
Girls Silver
Overly. E (+11)
Hill. C (+24)
Thomas. H (+25)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+9)
Abboud. J (+13)
Rader. E (+13)
Girls Futures
Troxell. C (+10)
SMITH. P (+10)
Kelley. E (+15)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2019 Season
As of 7/28/2019 10:56:32 AM
Boys Gold
1 - Engle. G
2 - McGlaughlin. D
3 - Strine. C
4 - Eck. J
5 - Calhoun. G
Boys Silver
1 - Bomberger. B
2 - Mitchell. T
3 - Billoni. D
4 - Shue. J
5 - Rios. T
Boys Bronze
1 - Ramsey. D
2 - McGinty. J
3 - Stramara. N
4 - Elias. S
5 - Wilson. D
Girls Gold
1 - Maletto. K
2 - Gerrish. A
3 - Barrett. H
4 - Ruffing. M
5 - Wolf. A
Girls Silver
1 - Overly. E
2 - Groff. T
3 - Hill. C
4 - Plechner. G
5 - Stover. P
Boys Futures
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Custer. J
3 - Rader. E
4 - van Harskamp. M
5 - Abboud. J
Girls Futures
1 - SMITH. P
2 - Troxell. C
3 - Kelley. E
4 - Dings. K
5 - Kappesser. P