Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.

2021 Schedule - In Progress - should finalize soon

June 10 - Overlook

June 16 - Four Seasons

June 24 - Tanglewood

July 6 - The Manor

July 12 - Major at Meadia Heights

July 16 - Sportsman's Golf Course

July 22 - Foxchase

July 26 - Dauphin Highlands

July 30 - Tour Championship at Lancaster Country Club

August 11 - Junior War of the Rose at Hershey Country Club


Thank You’s:  I want to thank a few groups this year.  First I want to thank all of the parents and grandparents.  We understand that this season was a challenge in so many ways.  I really appreciate how so many of you understood that we were doing the best we could to keep everyone safe AND still let the kids play golf.  As much as we like having the spectators out there, running events for the players was always our main focus.  I thank you for remembering that the players are the priority. If a player makes a 20 foot putt and a parent isn’t there to see it…..does it count?   YES!!!  (but it is a lot more fun when spectators can clap for it).  I also thank you for helping us when we did start allowing limited spectators.  So many of you came to us for the temperature check and hang tag on your own.  That teamwork really helped so much. Thank You!

Also, a big thank you to the board.  (Scott Badger, Steve Brenner,  Peanut Erb, Connor Gilbert, Greg Goodling, Julie Reed, and Brian Wassell, Stacey Wilson) We worked really hard at the start of this season to get things up and running.  We didn’t always agree at first, but we ultimately got to a great spot where we ran almost a full season and did it safely.  Each of our board members brings something important to the team.  I’m not going to go into what each one does here, but thank you for what you do.

Thanks to our rules officials.  (Matt Burkhart, Haley Goodling, Steve Brenner, Marc Vogle, Allison Appleton, and Logan Hess) One of the big keys to our tour is playing completely by the rules.  However, all of these officials do a great job of using interactions as an opportunity to teach.  We try to model to the kids that rules officials are important, but we aren’t trying to “catch them” doing something. 

Jon Chronister- Tournament Director


Thank you Sponsors for Remaining Loyal:

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty (Gold)

Craig Hartranft Team (Gold)

Donegal Insurance Group (Silver)

FA Insurance (Silver)

Filling's (Silver)

The Furyk Family (Major sponsor)

Golf, Etc. (Year End Points Awards)

Lancaster Toyota (Gold)

Meadia Heights Golf Club (Gold)

Mount Joy Wire (Bronze)

River Rock Academy (Gold)

RoweGolf (Bronze)

S & T Bank (Bronze)

Triangle Refrigeration (Silver)

Trout CPA (Gold)

Weaver Associates, Inc. (Registration Gifts)

Yurchak Printing (Booklet Printing)

Team "Taking Down Haley's Comet" wins Junior War on Final Putt
5 mos ago
TD Comments- Junior War of the Rose The LCJGT unveiled a new format for our traditional year end event. This season we created two very cleverly named teams to compete against each other in this Ryder...
Engle and Maletto repeat as Tour Champions
6 mos ago
TD Comments Tour Championship @ Lancaster CC Every opportunity I get to play or spend time at Lancaster Country Club, I am reminded what a great course it is. Plus, while there were just a few raindrops,...
Strine, Stefanchik and Hill Claim First Wins at Tanglewood
6 mos ago
TD Comments- Tanglewood 2020 I think anyone who attended Tanglewood on Tuesday will agree with the following statement-----for a day during the hottest July on record, what amazing weather! I wish I could...
Playoffs and Repeat winners at Dauphin Highlands
6 mos ago
TD Comments- Dauphin Highlands 2020 I believe that most of us were expecting a HOT day. While the temperature was hot, I heard a lot of agreement that we were all expecting worse. One thing that was hot...
Upcoming Events
Craig Hartranft Team Junior at Overlook
June 10
Overlook Golf Course
Lancaster, PA
G. Crudden Memorial
June 16
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
June 24
Tanglewood Manor Golf Club
Quarryville, PA
FA Insurance & Donegal Insurance Group Junior at Manor
July 6
Manor Golf Course
Sinking Spring, PA
Latest Results
Tour Championship presented by Lusk & Associates
July 31
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-2)
Mitchell. T (+2)
Marten. S (+3)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (+13)
Radwanski. J (+14)
Bortz. A (+15)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (-1)
Barrett. H (+5)
Groff. T (+11)
Filling's Junior at Tanglewood
July 28
Boys Gold
Strine. C (+2)
Jozwiak. E (+4)
Glick. J (+4)
Boys Silver
Stefanchik. I (+5)
Shue. J (+7)
Williams. N (+9)
Boys Bronze
Mitstifer. C (+14)
Stringer. B (+19)
Everly. C (+37)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+7)
Barrett. H (+8)
Groff. T (+16)
Girls Silver
Hill. C (+16)
SMITH. P (+18)
Guldi. M (+23)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+7)
Dizel. C (+14)
Barr. A (+18)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+22)
Lancaster Toyota Junior at Dauphin Highlands
July 21
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-2)
McGlaughlin. D (-2)
Fioravante. M (E)
Boys Silver
Shue. J (E)
Stefanchik. I (+5)
Barbour. L (+6)
Boys Bronze
Stringer. B (+20)
Everly. C (+23)
Girls Gold
Overly. E (+13)
Hicks. T (+13)
Maletto. K (+14)
Girls Silver
SMITH. P (+12)
Hill. C (+15)
Guldi. M (+21)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+1)
Dizel. C (+9)
Barr. A (+11)
Girls Futures
Powers. V (+11)
Dumasia. S (+19)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2020 Season
As of 8/2/2020 10:17:58 AM
Boys Gold
1 - Engle. G
2 - Glick. J
3 - McGlaughlin. D
4 - Strine. C
5 - Mitchell. T
Boys Silver
1 - Shue. J
2 - Radwanski. J
3 - Stefanchik. I
4 - Hansen. I
5 - Lessley. Z
Boys Bronze
1 - Stringer. B
2 - Everly. C
3 - Mitstifer. C
4 - Yenser. C
Girls Gold
1 - Maletto. K
2 - Overly. E
3 - Groff. T
4 - Barrett. H
5 - Dings. K
Girls Silver
1 - SMITH. P
2 - Guldi. M
3 - Hill. C
4 - Eckroat. M
5 - Hicks. T
Boys Futures
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Everly. A
3 - Dizel. C
4 - Perovich. A
5 - Barr. A
Girls Futures
1 - Powers. V
2 - Quimby. K
3 - Dumasia. S
4 - Kochersperger. L