Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

The mission of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour is to provide junior golfers of central Pennsylvania with a tournament golf environment emphasizing competition, Rules of Golf, golf culture, sportsmanship and participant behavior.


Registration for the 2020 Season is Open

Big "C" Scholarship Application

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Tournament Director note on cancellation:

Dear LCJGT Parents and Players, 
I want to follow-up with our LCJGT Board’s decision to cancel tournament play during the COVID-19 “Yellow Phase.” 
Everyone would like nothing more than to run tournaments for our kids. We know that they want to play. However, we have a responsibility to do the right thing and I firmly believe that the decision our LCJGT Board has made was the appropriate decision.
Parents, I encourage you to think carefully and understand that our decision did not come without much thought and debate.  As your Tournament Director, I want to run events, but it is more important to follow the rules. We always talk about integrity. Now is the time to show it.
Today I spoke with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development to ask them directly about hosting our events in the yellow phase. There was no hesitation in the response that there should not be any golf tournaments being held while in the yellow, but especially not a junior event. That clearly falls into the category of youth sports. I shared that the other organizations in the area ran or are going to run events in the upcoming weeks. They said that they should not, and that we are 100% doing the right thing. 
Thank you for understanding. We remain hopeful for future tournaments this summer. Stay Safe!
Jon Chronister
Tournament Director 

COVID-19 Update - May 31 - Overlook and Four Seasons Tournaments are Canceled

Lancaster County is moving to the Yellow Phase of reopening. It is expected that Lancaster County will stay in the Yellow Phase for at least several weeks. The Governor's rules for the Yellow Phase is that there are no youth sports allowed. We have no choice but to cancel our first two events of the season. We are very disappointed to have to cancel and wish the rules allowed us to hold our events.

We stopped registration for Overlook and Four Seasons. We will be removing the players and issuing refunds for the tournament fees. At this point we don't have plans to reschedule the tournaments, but we will consider options we have available once we are allowed to begin play.

For clarification, we believe that junior golf tournaments are considered youth sports. We are not aware of an exception for junior golf tournaments. Under current guidelines we will not be able to play until we are in the Green Phase of reopening. 

Jon Chronister

LCJGT Tournament Director


Tournament Director's 2020 Season Opening Comments

Welcome everyone to the 2020 LCJGT season. I am certain that we are all excited to get golf started, but there are still several months until our rule’s clinics kick off our season. Before we get there, there are some important announcements.

First of all, we are changing the location of our “Major” this year. While we will still be holding an event at Tanglewood (they love having us there and Peanut loves their egg sandwiches) in its normal position in our schedule, it will be a regular tour stop. Meadia Heights will be the venue for our “Major.” It will be held on Monday, July 6. Remember, the “Major” is worth 1.5 x’s the number of points.

Another change is that we will be adding an additional event this season. We currently hold an event in Dauphin County (Dauphin Highlands) so we are going to expand into Berks County on Thursday, July 9 to play at Manor Golf Club. This will give us seven regular season events. Along with the board, I am very excited to hold an event at Manor. They have a very active junior program and seems like a great fit for us. While our tour members may look at the yardage on the score card and expect low scores, it is a course that provides challenges in other ways.

Shotstat, the company that manages our website, is very close to releasing an app for phones and tablets. There will be numerous benefits to utilizing the app- particularly for the parents. We will be sure to let everyone know once the it is up and running.

After a long affiliation with the York County Junior Golf Association will not be competing against them in the yearly Junior War of the Roses. Instead we will be running the “Junior War of the Rose” within the LCJGT. This will allow more members of our tour to participate in this fun match play/Ryder Cup style event. Additional details to follow, but the one last exciting announcement is that we will be holding this event on the Hershey Country Club’s challenging East Course.

For those who are looking for additional tournament experience, there are links available on our website for extra opportunities for the following tours: The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, the Buckeye Junior Golf Tour, Philly Junior Golf Tour, and the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour. Many of these organizations also provide discounts if you are a member of the LCJGT.

This year we are excited to partner again with The Lancaster Ladies City-County Golf Association and LANCO Golf to present the “Big C” Scholarship. Last year we were able to award eight $1000 awards. If you are, or know, a graduating senior who played on the LCJGT please encourage them to apply for the scholarship. The application is being updated and can be found on our website.

Don’t forget when registering for the tour that you need to sign up for one of our rule’s clinics. With that being said, if you have a conflict on both nights (spring sports would take priority) please contact me. Also, I realize that we have more players coming from quite a distance. If you live at least 50 miles from Four Seasons Golf Course, and if you contact me prior to the clinics, you will be excused from attending. Either way, there will be alternate assignments for you to complete prior to participating in your first event. This year’s clinics are going to address the rules of golf (of course), but we also need to review some of the expectations of being a member of our tour.

I’ll see everyone in May at Four Seasons!

Jon Chronister

LCJGT Tournament Director


Thank you Sponsors

Anne Lusk - Southeby's International Realty

Craig Hartranft Team

Donegal Insurance Group

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Golf, Etc.

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Tournament Director note on cancellation
3 days ago
Dear LCJGT Parents and Players, I want to follow-up with our LCJGT Boards decision to cancel tournament play during the COVID-19 Yellow Phase. Everyone would like nothing more than to run tournaments...
COVID-19 Update - May 31 - Overlook and Four Seasons Tournaments are Canceled
4 days ago
Lancaster County is moving to the Yellow Phase of reopening. It is expected that Lancaster County will stay in the Yellow Phase for at least several weeks. The Governor's rules for the Yellow Phase is that...
2020 Mike Swisher Scholarship Application now Available
2 mos ago
The application for the 2020 Mike Swisher Scholarship is available. The application deadline is Friday, May 1, 2020. Click the link below to get the application. Mike Swisher Scholarship Application
COVID-19 Update April 16, 2020
2 mos ago
To our members- We have updated some of our plans as the COVID-19 situation has unfolded. We will not be holding the Rules Clinic meetings this year. We will be preparing a document with our expectations...
Upcoming Events
Craig Hartranft Team Junior at Overlook
June 11
Overlook Golf Course
Lancaster, PA
Tournament was canceled due to COVID 19 restrictions.
G. Crudden Memorial sponsored by River Rock Academy
June 17
Four Seasons Golf Club
Landisville, PA
Tournament canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Filling's Junior at Tanglewood
June 25
Tanglewood Manor Golf Club
Quarryville, PA
LCJGT Major at Meadia Heights
July 6
Meadia Heights Golf Club
Lancaster, PA
Sponsored by Meadia Heights Golf Club. Major Event awards 1.5 times normal points.
Latest Results
Tour Championship sponsored by Lusk & Associates
July 26
Boys Gold
Engle. G (+5)
McGlaughlin. D (+5)
Fioravante. M (+6)
Boys Silver
Bomberger. B (+15)
Billoni. D (+17)
Wiggins. B (+18)
Girls Gold
Maletto. K (+18)
Barrett. H (+21)
Gerrish. A (+23)
Lancaster Toyota Junior at Dauphin Highlands
July 22
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-6)
Wilson. M (+1)
Glick. J (+2)
Boys Silver
Billoni. D (+4)
Shue. J (+7)
Mitchell. T (+8)
Boys Bronze
Ramsey. D (+9)
Elias. S (+12)
McGinty. J (+14)
Girls Gold
Richter. P (+5)
Maletto. K (+12)
Barrett. H (+14)
Girls Silver
Overly. E (+18)
Stover. P (+20)
Stalebrink. S (+25)
Boys Futures
Custer. J (+8)
McGinty. M (+8)
Rader. E (+10)
Girls Futures
Troxell. C (+8)
SMITH. P (+14)
Kelley. E (+15)
Trout, Ebersole & Groff, LLP Shootout
July 17
Boys Gold
Engle. G (-5)
Pilliod. H (+3)
Calhoun. G (+3)
Boys Silver
Mitchell. T (+2)
Hansen. I (+3)
Wiggins. B (+4)
Boys Bronze
Ramsey. D (+4)
Stramara. N (+14)
McGinty. J (+18)
Girls Gold
Richter. P (+4)
Gerrish. A (+7)
Maletto. K (+10)
Girls Silver
Overly. E (+11)
Hill. C (+24)
Thomas. H (+25)
Boys Futures
McGinty. M (+9)
Abboud. J (+13)
Rader. E (+13)
Girls Futures
Troxell. C (+10)
SMITH. P (+10)
Kelley. E (+15)
Current Rankings
Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
2019 Season
As of 7/28/2019 10:56:32 AM
Boys Gold
1 - Engle. G
2 - McGlaughlin. D
3 - Strine. C
4 - Eck. J
5 - Calhoun. G
Boys Silver
1 - Bomberger. B
2 - Mitchell. T
3 - Billoni. D
4 - Shue. J
5 - Rios. T
Boys Bronze
1 - Ramsey. D
2 - McGinty. J
3 - Stramara. N
4 - Elias. S
5 - Wilson. D
Girls Gold
1 - Maletto. K
2 - Gerrish. A
3 - Barrett. H
4 - Ruffing. M
5 - Wolf. A
Girls Silver
1 - Overly. E
2 - Groff. T
3 - Hill. C
4 - Plechner. G
5 - Stover. P
Boys Futures
1 - McGinty. M
2 - Custer. J
3 - Rader. E
4 - van Harskamp. M
5 - Abboud. J
Girls Futures
1 - SMITH. P
2 - Troxell. C
3 - Kelley. E
4 - Dings. K
5 - Kappesser. P