August 10, 2006 at Meadia Heights Golf Club
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York County Junior Golf Association
vs. Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

2006 Junior War of the Roses
Lancaster Team
Seniors Juniors
Robby Gilbert Brandon Hartranft
Zak Drescher Devin O'Grady
Josh Shoffstall Casey Osborne
Jeremy Walker Alex Palmer
Matt Burkhart
Josh Burg
Connor Lefever
David Denlinger
Captains: Pete Toole & Chase Duncan

2006 Junior War of the Roses
York Team
Seniors Juniors
Steve Crain Matthew Davis
Dan Whiteley David Denner
Kevin Alvey Avery Jones
Nate Friedman Jonathan Reed
George Stolakis
Eric Douglas
Tyler Harman
Lucas Gemmill
Captains: Shane Stell & Brian Long

Four Ball Matches
Jonathan Reed and Mathew Davis, York, d. Brandon Hartranft and Alex Palmer, Lancaster, 2 and 1
Casey Osborne and Devin O'Grady, L, d. David Denner and Avery Jones, Y, 4 and 3
Josh Shoffstall and Josh Burg, L, draw with Eric Douglas and George Stolakis, Y, All Square
Nate Friedman and Tyler Harman, Y, d. Matthew Burkhart and David Denlinger, L, 2 Up
Kevin Alvey and Lucas Gemmill, Y, d. Zak Drescher and Jeremy Walker, L, 1 Up
Steve Crain and Dan Whiteley, Y, d. Robby Gilbert and Conor Lefever, L, 3 and 2
York 4-1/2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lancaster 1-1/2

Foursome Matches
Brandon Hartranft and Alex Palmer, Lancaster d. Jonathan Reed, York, 2 and 1
David Denner and Avery Jones, Y, d. Casey Osborne and Devin O'Grady, L, 2 and 1
Josh Shoffstall and Josh Burg, L, d. Eric Douglas and George Stolakis, Y, 2 Up
Nate Friedman and Tyler Harman, Y, d. Matthew Burkhart and David Denlinger, L, 2 Up
Zak Drescher and Jeremy Walker, L, d. Kevin Alvey and Lucas Gemmill, Y, 2 Up
Robby Gilbert and Connor Lefever, L, d. Steve Crain and Dan Whiteley, Y, 3 and 2
York 6-1/2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lancaster 5-1/2

Singles Matches
Jonathan Reed, York, d. Brandon Hartranft, Lancaster, 1 Up
Devin O'Grady, L, d. Matthew Davis, Y, All Square
Casey Osborne, L, d. Avery Jones, Y, 2 Up
David Denner, Y, d. Alex Palmer, L, 3 and 2
Josh Shoffstall, L, d. George Stolakis, Y, 6 and 4
Eric Douglas, Y, d. Josh Burg, L, 1 Up
David Denlinger, L, d. Tyler Harman, Y, 4 and 3
Matthew Burkhart, L, d. Nate Friedman, Y, 5 and 4
Zak Drescher, L, d. Kevin Alvey, Y, 1 Up
Jeremy Walker, L, d. Lucas Gemmill, Y, 3 and 2
Dan Whiteley, Y, d. Connor Lefever, L, 3 and 1
Steve Crain, Y, d. Robby Gilbert, L, 3 and 2
Lancaster 12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . York 12

Drescher, Burkhart give Lancaster win
The 3rd annual Junior War of the Roses is decided by a sudden-death playoff.

By Harold Zeigler
Lancaster New Era

Published: Aug 11, 2006 1:01 PM EST

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - The third Junior War of the Roses won’t be remembered as much for Lancaster’s third straight win as for what it gave the golf world.

Simply put, an easy way to decide a deadlocked Ryder Cup.

Imagine Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk going head-to-head against Colin Montgomery and Padrig Harrington in a sudden-death playoff for golf’s most cherished team trophy.

That’s what the 3rd annual Junior War of the Roses was like Thursday, on a much smaller scale, of course.

Zak Drescher and Matthew Burkhart outlasted Dan Whiteley and Kevin Alvey in three sudden-death aggregate playoff holes to lift Lancaster to its third straight win.

Drescher made par and Burkhart bogey on the deciding hole to beat Alvey’s par and Whiteley’s double-bogey on Meadia Heights’ par-3, 198-yard 18th hole.

The playoff came after the day-long matches ended in a 12-12 tie.

“I was nervous,’’ said Drescher, a senior at Hempfield. “My hands were shaking.

“(But) I’m glad it came down (to a playoff). It makes it a lot more interesting.’’

“I was sick on the first tee,’’ said Burkhart, a 15-year-old sophomore at Lancaster Mennonite. “My mind was racing. I was thinking of the negatives. I was thinking of the positives. The one was a positive thought, though.

“Then as soon as I hit my shot onto the green, I was fine for the rest of the way.’’

On the deciding hole, Whiteley, a senior at York Suburban, hit his tee shot right under a tree, chunked a chip, then chipped on and two-putted from 8 feet.

Drescher two-putted from 40 feet, and Alvey two-putted from 35 feet. Burkhart three-putted from 45 feet, missing a three-footer for par. He then made a two-footer for bogey to clinch it.

“I would’ve loved it if we had a five-footer to win,’’ Burkhart said. “That would’ve made it a little more exciting.

“But a win’s a win.’’

The first playoff hole was halved with pars, Drescher getting it up and down from a greenside bunker.

And on the second playoff hole, Burkhart and Whiteley made par and Drescher and Alvey made bogey. Meadia’s 18th hole was used for every playoff hole.

“I love this format,’’ said Pete Toole, who captained the Lancaster team with Chase Duncan.

“We could’ve lost very easily. All those putts were knee-knockers.’’

The playoff took the focus away from a full day of competitive golf.

York won the morning better-ball matches, 41-w-11-w.

Lancaster won the alternate shot matches, 4-2, to cut York’s lead to 61-w-51-w entering the afternoon singles matches.

Early in the singles matches, Lancaster appeared to be pulling away as it led in eight of the 12. But York slowly got back in it.

Jonathan Reed was five down to Brandon Hartranft through seven holes, but battled back to win, 1 up.

Whiteley was all square with Connor Lefever after 15 holes, but won 2 and 1.

And Steve Crain, all square with Robbie Gilbert through nine holes, pulled away on the back to post a 3 and 2 win.

Lancaster had its own rally, as Casey Osborne was one down through 15 before winning the last three holes to post a 2 up win over Avery Jones.

Lancaster also got singles wins from Josh Shoffstall, David Denlinger, Burkhart, Jeremy Walter and Drescher, who was 4 up on Alvey with six to play but hung on for a 1-up win.

York lost 18-6 in the first matches two years ago and 13-11 last year.

“Everybody was a little overconfident, I think, but almost with good reason,’’ said Duncan. “We knew how we beat them in the past.

“We just got the feeling watching them warm up that this is neat, but it’s not going to be much fun. I wasn’t going to be much competition.

“But as it turned out, it was awesome.’’

“I was scared that we were actually going to lose one,’’ said Burkhart. “But we pulled it back together in the end.’’