Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Division Descriptions

Playing divisions are determined based on a player's scoring ability. There will be a total of 6 Divisions (3 for boys, 2 for girls, and one for both).



Boys Gold - ages 13 to 19 (18 holes from back tees)
Boys Silver - ages 13 to 19 (18 holes from middle tees)
Boys Bronze -ages 9 to 12 (18 holes from forward tees)
Girls Gold - ages 13-19 (18 holes from middle tees)
Girls Silver - ages 9-19 (18 holes from forward tees)
Coed Futures - ages 9 to 12 (9 holes from forward tees)


New LCJGT players are initially placed in a division based on their age on the date of LCJGT's first event of the season. 

Boys age 13-19 start in the Boys Silver Division

Girls age 13-19 start in the Girls Silver Division

Boys and Girls age 9-12 start in the Coed Futures Division

Returning players will start in the division they played in for their final event in 2017. Boys in the Silver Division who shot a score of 85 or better will have the option to move up to the Gold Division to start the 2018 season. Girls in the Silver Division who shot a score of 95 or better will have the option to move up to the Gold Division to start the 2018 season. If a player shot the cutoff score, or better, two or more times in 2017, they must play in the Gold Division in 2018. If you are eligible to play in a higher division, when you register, you will be able to select to play up.

A list of returning 2017 players and their 2018 starting divisions can be found here.

New players to LCJGT may request to play up in a higher division if they have met certain scoring requirements in a sanctioned tournament, such as a Philly Jr. Tour event, or in high school golf. The Tournament Director will verify the score and approve all moves to a higher division. For a boy to move up before the season starts, they have to shot a score of 82 or less from white tees or longer. For girls to move up they have to have shot a score of 92 or less from red tees. For 9 -12 year olds to move to 18 hole division (Boys Bronze, Girls Silver) they need to shoot 55 or less for 9 holes from Red tees. If you want to move up, please e-mail Jon Chronister, and Greg Goodling, with the request.

During the season, 18-hole players can earn the opportunity to play in the next higher division by shooting a score of 10 over par or better. They can move up in any event after shooting the score. Once they move up, they can’t go back to the previous division. If they elect not to move up, and shoot a second score of 10 over par or less, they are required to move up to the next higher division. The requirement is waived if the second score occurs after the 4th tournament of the season.

Nine-hole players have the option to move to 18 holes if they shoot a score of 55 or less. We do not require any 9-hole players to move to 18 hole divisions, but encourage players with the ability to do so. Requests to play up should be directed to the Tournament Director, Jon Chronister at an LCJGT event, at 717-371-4073, or e-mail

The Boys Bronze division may not be conducted if we don't have enough participants. In that case, participants will have the option to play in either the Boys Silver division or the Coed Futures division.

Points are not able to be carried from one division to the next. When a player moves up, points are left behind and only points earned in the higher division will be counted.  

Only Boys Gold, Boys Silver and Girls Gold divisions will be invited to participate in the tour championship. Boys Bronze, Girls Silver and Futures divisions will not be eligible for the Tour championship. Only Gold Boys and Gold Girls divisions are eligible for the Junior War of the Roses Team.

At any of the events, a division may be eliminated or combined if there are not enough sign-ups in individual divisions. Please note that 9-hole players will be limited to 18 players, per event.

Once a player "plays-up", they may not go back to their original division.