Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Junior War of the Roses


Junior War of the Rose

Since 2004, the last event of the season has been a match play event. In the past it has matched the best players from LCJGT against the junior organization from York, the York County Junior Golf Association.

In 2020, the Junior War of the Rose will pit the best players from the Boys Gold Division and the Girls Gold Division against each other in a Ryder Cup style match play format. The players will form two teams and play to win points for their team.

The event will consist of 3 matches for each player.

     Morning - 9 hole Fourball match (Better Ball of Partners)

     Morning – 9 hole Foursomes match (Partners Alternate shot)

     Afternoon – 18 hole Individual match

Event Field: Each team will include 8 Boys Gold and 2 Girls Gold players. The field will be determined by the final point standings following the LCJGT Championship. The 16 boys with the most points and the 4 girls with the most points will be invited to participate. If any of the players are decline the invitation, the next person on the points list will be invited until the field is full.

Team Selection: Following the tour championship, the two boys and two girls with the most points will be paired up and will pick the teams from the event field.

Eligibility: To be eligible to play on the Junior War team, players must have completed at least one event in the Gold Division and must have completed at least 3 LCJGT events for the season. They must be in good standing with the Tour following the Tour Championship.