Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

Point System

LCJGT Championship Qualification: The goal of our tour championship is to have the most qualified players from our top divisions play a challenging course for the opportunity to win the tour championship event and to compete for the overall Points Championship. Our guidelines for qualifying for the event and how we invite players to participate in the championship are below. We reserve the right to make adjustments to these guidelines to adapt to each season's unique circumstances.  

Points are awarded at the conclusion of each event in order of finish as shown in the table below:

The top point earners in the Boys Gold, Boys Silver and Girls Gold divisions will be invited to play in a championship final at seasons end. The tour championship field will be made up of 40 players from these three divisions. Players in the Boys Bronze, Girls Silver and the Futures divisions at the conclusion of the last regular tournament are not eligible for the tour championship.

Overall division champions will receive awards based on the season long accumulation of points. Points earned in the LCJGT Major will be awarded at 1.5 x regular tournaments. Points earned in the championship final will be doubled. In rare circumstances, the Board of Directors reserves the right to award division champion status, or other awards, to a participant who has accumulated something less than the highest points total.

A top 3 finish in the Boys Gold or a win in Girls Gold or Boys Silver division event will automatically qualify that golfer for the championship, as long as the player remains in "Good Standing" on the tour. Boys Silver winners are not eligible for the Boys Silver championship if they move up to the Gold Division. If a player wins a Boys Silver event and elects to move up to the Boys Gold Division, he will automatically be invited to play in the Tour Championship in the Boys Gold Division regardless of his scores after moving to the Gold Division. A golfer must play in a minimum of 2 events in 2020 in order to qualify for the season ending tour championship.

The championship field will be filled by invitation and acceptance in the following sequence:

  1. Automatic qualifiers from each division (Top 3 and ties Boys Gold event, Winners in Girls Gold event, Winners in Boys Silver event)
  2. If there are less than 4 Girls Gold winners, fill a foursome of Girls Gold
  3. If there are less than 4 Boys Silver winners who have not moved up to the Boys Gold Division, fill a foursome of Boys Silver
  4. Boys Gold players invited in order of most points to least points until field is 40 players
  5. If field is not filled to 40 players, Girls Gold invited in order of most points to least points
  6. If field is not filled to 40 players, Boys Silver invited in order of most points to least points until field reaches 40 players.

How tie scores are resolved:

If there are tie scores at the end of regulation play, they will be resolved in the following manner for all 18 hole divisions. Players tied for first will play off on the course in "sudden victory" format. They will begin playing on a designated hole and play hole-by-hole until a winner is determined. After each hole of the playoff, any players who tied for the low score on the hole continue to the next hole. Other players are eliminated from the playoff.  The winner of the playoff will be awarded 16 points. In the event that a playoff on the course is not possible, a match of scorecards will be used to determine the winner. 

All tie scores, other than first place, are resolved by a match of scorecards following the procedure in USGA Rules of Golf Appendix I, Part B, How to Decide Ties. This procedure is used for placement awards at the event and to determine a top 3 finish for qualification for the tour championship. Points for all places except for first are split among the players tied for the placement. For instance if 2 players tie for second place, we add 2nd and 3rd place points (10+9) and each player receives 9.5 points.

All Futures division ties, including first place, are resolved using a match of scorecards.

Place Points Earned
1st: 16 points
2nd 10 points
3rd 9 points
4th 8 points
5th 7 points
6th 6 points
7th 6 points
8th 5 points
9th 5 points
10th 4 points
11th 4 points
12th 3 points
13th 3 points
14th 3 points
15th 3 points
16th 2 points
17th 2 points
18th 2 points
19th 2 points
20th and beyond: 1 point