Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Rules Clinics

Revised 4/19/2020 - This page does not apply. Rules clinics will not be held this year. Instead, we will be preparing a document that outlines our expectations of players and parents while participating in our events. You will receive an e-mail with this information and will be expected to read it and acknowledge that you have done so before participating in your first event. We expect to send this information out before registration for the first event closes. 


Required Rules Clinic

All golfers are required to attend one 90-minute Rules Clinic each year to be eligible to play in tournaments that year. There will be a short session with both parents and players. Then the players will participate in a rules clinic that will include active participation and demonstration of common rules we want you to know. We would like players to download the free USGA Rules of Golf app to their phones prior to the rules clinic.

You must register for one (only one) of the scheduled Rules Clinics when registering to participate in the Tour.

Parents Meeting: After the joint meeting, parents will move to a different room for a brief meeting to review a few additional items that we would like you to know. We encourage you to bring your questions and suggestions. If the player is under 16 years old, parents are expected to attend this meeting. If the player is 16 or older, but it is his first year, we strongly suggest that parents attend to learn how LCJGT conducts its tournaments. We would like the parent(s) who will attend tournaments to attend these meetings.

Exceptions: If you live more than 50 miles from Four Seasons Golf Course, we will allow you to view some on-line videos and take a rules test on-line instead of driving to the event. Contact Jon Chronister if you want this exemption via e-mail at

We understand that there are circumstances, such as high school spring sports playoffs, which may prevent players from being available on the days we schedule the rules clinics. If this happens, the Tournament Director will attempt to work with you to make alternative arrangements to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the Rules of Golf. E-mail if this applies to you.


Rules Clinic 1 Rules Clinic 2
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
Four Seasons Banquet Room
949 Church St
Landisville, PA
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
Four Seasons Banquet Room
949 Church St.
Landisville, PA


Important: Players and Parents must print, sign and return the LCJGT Dress Code/Code of Conduct Contract. Parents must also print, sign and return the LCJGT Release Form. If these forms are not completed and submitted to LCJGT by the 2nd Rules Clinic, the player will be ineligible to play in tournaments. Forms may be turned in at the Rules Clinics or mailed to the address on the form. Please print the forms by clicking on the links below:

Dress Code / Code of Conduct                          Release Form