Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour

LCJGT Membership


Tour Membership is $35.00. This is an annual cost per season. The tournament entrance fee for 18 hole divisions is $40 and for 9 hole divisions it is $25. 

Registration for the 2020 season will open at noon on March 1. 

Important: Players and Parents must print, sign and return the LCJGT Dress Code/Code of Conduct Contract. Parents must also print, sign and return the LCJGT Release Form. If these forms are not completed and submitted to LCJGT by the 2nd Rules Clinic, the player will be ineligible to play in tournaments. Forms may be turned in at the Rules Clinics, mailed to the address on the form or e-mailed to Please print the forms by clicking on the links below:


Dress Code / Code of Conduct                         Release Form

Junior Golfer Eligibility:

To be eligible to participate in our tournaments for 2020 you must:

   1. Become a tour member prior to registration closing for our first event of the season

   2. Attend one Rules Clinic or arrange for a suitable alternative agreed with the Tournament Director.

   2. For 2020 - Read and acknowledge that you have read the tour expectations document. This will be sent to members before the first event registration closes.

   3. Not have graduated from High School

   4. Meet our scoring requirements - see below

   5. Players must be age 9 or over as of the date of the first tournament, and not have graduated from high school 

All players may register for the tour beginning at noon on March 1, 2020. 

Tour membership registration for 2020 will close at the same time as registration closes for the first event of the season. May 18 the day before the 2nd Rules Clinic. If you register after the first rules clinic has been held, you will be need to attend the 2nd rules clinic.

We understand that there are circumstances which may prevent players from being available on the days we schedule the rules clinics. If this happens, the Tournament Director will attempt to work with you to make alternative arrangements to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the Rules of Golf. E-mail if this applies to you.

How to Qualify to play in LCJGT events in 2020:

In order to qualify to participate in the tour for 2020, participants must score under maximum scores for their division in one of the first three tournaments in which the player participates. Once a player has posted a qualifying score, they will be eligible to participate in all of the regular tournaments for the 2020 season. If the player fails to post a score equal to or less than the maximum score in their first 2 events, we will contact the parents to remind them that they have one more event to shoot the qualifying score. If they do not post a score equal to or less than the maximum score in their third event, they will not be eligible to play in additional tournaments this year. Any prepaid tournament registration fees will be refunded. We reserve the right to extend the qualifying period for any player beyond three events depending on circumstances. These decisions will be made by the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Directors and board members.

Qualifying Scores:

Boys Silver Division - 120

Boys Bronze Division - 120 for 18 holes or 55 for 9 holes

Girls Silver Division - 120

Boys Futures Division - 65

Girls Futures Division - 65

See the Tour Division section of this site for additional scoring guidelines.

Tournament fields will be open for registration beginning at noon on March 1, 2020 and will remain open until 5 days before the tournament date. The tournament fields will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Tournaments are limited to the first 108 golfers per tournament. In addition, there is a limit of 18, 9-hole participants per tournament. Additional registrants will be put on a Wait List and entered into the tournament if spots open up.

Membership Required: Junior golfers must become members of the Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour prior to registering for tour events. Membership registration closes the same day as registration closes for our first event (maybe). the day before the 2nd rules clinic, May 18, 2020.